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Whoopii.com was established Sat, 25 Oct 2008, launched publicly Sun, 22 Feb 2009 and is located on the island of Funen, Denmark.

Actually "About Us" ought to be "About Me" as this website is maintained and developed singlehandedly by me and me alone, but for practical reasons I'll be using terms as "we", "us" and "our" on selected pages.

Hello, my name is Claus, welcome to Whoopii.com.

So what exactly is Whoopii all about? Is this just another search engine, you may ask. As a matter of fact it wouldn't be unreasonable to claim that it is... At this point Whoopii holds a public archive consisting of quality websites from all over the world. The sites are selected and indexed by pure man power into a searchable and well-organized database provided for free use to anyone who may have interest in using it. I'm still in the early phase of building this database and chances are good you may not be able to find what you are looking for here yet due to the little number of websites indexed. However, you are most welcome to give it a try while activities are gradually being expanded here.

Perhaps you have noticed certain visual similarities between Whoopii and Google and let there be no mistake: Google, probably the world's best search engine ever, has served as a great inspiration source for me. However, Whoopii is by no means an attempt to compete with Google, on the contrary, e.g. most ads you see placed around here come from Google and thus Whoopii is an attempt of cooperation rather than competition. Besides, since about 80% of all searches made on the internet is happening from Google's homepages and a great share of the remaining 20% is being done from other great search engines such as Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, Lycos and many others, I'm sure you like me quickly realize the absolute hopelessness in even trying... :) If you will, look at Whoopii as my personal hobby project through which I'm constantly trying to learn more about dynamic programming and designing websites.

So what can Whoopii do that no other search engine can? Not much for the moment, I'm afraid... The idea for now is to maintain the website database and the basic search capabilities for a start and later on hopefully expand with more services that both users and webmasters will appreciate.

The Concept

In connection with this database I have developed a search tool based on usability, first of all. An online database is to no use if it's not equipped with a powerful search tool and I'm fully aware of that. In fact Whoopii's search engine is very simple to use, yet fast and efficient.

You can obtain more information about Whoopii's search engine from the help pages here.

At Whoopii I'm continuously on the search for new exciting challenges to make your experience here a pleasant and rich one, so enjoy this place and thanks for your interest and cooperation.

- Claus.


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